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welcome To SDCE


SDCE is a Non-Governmental Organization  of a Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic & Social Council  SDCE  is committed to educate, inform, motivate and inspire individuals and society to positive inspiration and aspirations, dispel human ignorance, ensure collective and global happiness for the betterment of mankind; contributing to the social and economic well-being and development of families and communities and supporting the execution of Sustainable Development Goals in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria, Africa and the Globe.

Constants positive re-enforcement for our achievements, environment full of home, warmth and wisdom and stability of family contribute to high self-esteem of our youths, these SDCE intends to encourage
The nature of an individual contributes to his / her value formation. “In the whole world, there will never be another you. You are unique”. We teach our children positive identity, clear values, ideals, habits and practices, to know who they are; that a child is marvelous, is uniquely made, is wonderfully and beautifully made, and there is no one else like him or her.
The idea of uniqueness- underlies all that Community Care Initiative is all about. At SDCE we want to value our most precious resources; our children and we want them to value themselves.  When people have a sense of self - worth they are not easily manipulated, or cajoled into harmful practices of drug abuse and crime.


VALUES include the following- Respect For Human Rights, Service Beyond Self, Maintain A Vision, Responsibility, Cooperation Beyond Borders, Public Mindedness, Accountability, Truthfulness Transparency, Comprehensive Viewpoint, Voluntarism, Nonprofit Integrity
 To contribute to social and economic well-being and development of families and  communities , promote gender equality & advance the cause of  children,  youth and women in  Nigeria.  
To design and implement a package of harm reduction measures tailored to the Nigerian Nation To advocate and support advocacy for harm reduction approach to relevant issues of public health importance. To create public awareness campaign to educate the most vulnerable segments of the society about Drug Abuse( DA), HIV/AIDS and the links between Intravenous Drug Use (IDU) and overall impact of drug use. To support efforts to combat DA, HIV/AIDS through the creation of HIV Support Groups, Drug Free Clubs and prevention / support networks. To inhibit the...
 A society with positive aspirations and the attainment of a collective and sustainable global happiness

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