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17 Feb


 Safety, Environment & Harm Reduction Department Program
We encourage the use of sustainable solar power to provide lighting, safe water and develop innovative programs for hygiene promotion,behavior change & skill acquisition.
SDCE relate with national and international organizations in improving policy development, service delivery, sanitation, micro-finance, hygiene promotion, community organization, and capacity building in the energy, water and sanitation sector. We promote strategies and approaches developed by civil society groups, research and analysis in improving energy, water supply and sanitation, and carry out programs that improves water and sanitation services in small towns and villages and the deteriorating conditions of the services that exist, to raise living standards and significantly improve health conditions. Provision of quality and sustainable services in small towns and villages is a problem for much of the developing world because small towns and villages are neither an attractive market for urban water companies, nor are they part of the social intervention initiatives designed to help rural communities. Local capacities for providing services are weak and municipal (LOCAL GOVERNMENT) resources are scarce, which means low-income families are at a great disadvantage when it comes to sufficient energy, water supply and sanitation services.