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17 Feb


 Community Development and Social Empowerment Dept. Program.
A gender sensitive initiative that addresses issues of gender discrimination, rights, responsibilities of adolescents, leadership development, family life and reproductive health, and initiate life-skill education and training, most especially among girls and young women; it includes skill training that enables disadvantaged girls and rural women earn income in a micro–enterprise program, they are encouraged to establish a savings account and project provides them credit based on their earnings and savings; train them in computer technology(embedding ICT in development), start revolving loan scheme for rural women engaged in agriculture, train and support them in establishing their own businesses to sustain their lives and alleviate poverty; carry out activities that will discourage sex-work( advocate and encourage alternative means of livelihood);build problem-solving and decision-making skills to help young people assess their risk for STI/HIV/AIDS,(BCC youth friendly services , condom programming),take protective actions; and create an enlightenment forum for issues of gender discrimination and rights