Vina Fitness II - шаблон joomla Окна
17 Feb


 The program will beyond its importance as an educational, informational and communication tool in addressing the issue, spur social action in community settings, create improvement in knowledge and attitudes (BCC) about sexual and reproductive health issues, develop operation of reproductive and non-reproductive health services, establish network referral services (including confidential E-mail) and teach youth lively hood skills (training and skill development) among others; the advocacy and education campaign will enlighten the youth about their Reproductive Health and Rights, make them to make the right choices, avoid unwanted pregnancies, postpone the birth of the first child, address gender norms- reduce vulnerability to coerced sexual activity, maternal mortality, sexual assault, STD and HIV infections; decrease the incidence of sexual violence, among young men by involving youth in meaningful ways (engaging their time),offer healthy choices (avoiding drugs) stimulating youth interest in Science and Technology (ICT inclusive), Media, Theatre, Sport and Lively Arts