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27 Jun


  • Implementing harm reduction policies and technical support education.
  • Improving bad social conditions and helping people in need.
  • Stimulating the growth of technical education and manpower development in the society.
  • Maintaining close contacts with professional bodies, and reviewing    related literature for the purpose of knowledge update, thereby developing research results into relevant publications.
  • Improving the physical, mental and social health of individuals.
  • Embarking on both formal and informal dissemination of information relating to drug use, prostitution and associated crimes via lectures, seminars, workshops, discussion sessions and resource centres.
  • Encouraging voluntary participation (donations and scholarships) in the education of under-privileged children.
  • Exposing the youths especially young school leavers to other forms of self-employment.
  • Establishing a manpower base in the communities for technological advancement.
  • Bringing the reality of HIV/AIDS and its preventive teachings to the grassroots.
  • Updating the knowledge of our youths on the damaging potentials of drug abuse and crime.
  • Encouraging the youths in channeling their energy away from juvenile delinquency and youthful exuberance.
  • Encouraging mediation and conflict management policies.
  • Relating with governmental and non-governmental organizations, in educating our people on the right track to positive development.
  • Advocating for safe environment policies and legal reforms.
  • Encouraging the youths to develop creative thinking, patience, honesty and self-direction.
  • Executing Youth, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive  and Maternal Health programs.
  • Building capacity for research, program development and implementation.
  • The youths, women and children are the target groups. However, universal awareness and education are vital for a better understanding of why these groups should stay harm free.  There is a great need to keep the society informed of approaches to proper upbringing and eradicating juvenile delinquency traits in children and youths; they are to be encouraged to comment goal setting, form clear values, make decisions and develop high self-esteem, as the family is the foundation of the society